you found me!!

so happy about that. so HEY. i’m alyssa.

i am a photographer living my messy life outside of salt lake city with my husband and three wild boys. i have a love for good design and authentic people. i crave control and i birthed boys. we make it work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


i am full of contradictions.

i’m an artist with an affinity for sports. i’m a plant lover with a black thumb. i’m an extrovert who likes to be alone. i’m a neat freak who hates cleaning. i want pictures of myself but i hate being in front of a camera. you get the idea.


truth is important. i want to tell the whole story…

not just the big moments; but the small ones, too. i want to make pictures that make me feel more than one emotion. i live for the small moments. there is so much beauty in the quiet, the subtle, the mysterious. all of that makes me feel alive. a hopeless empath, i see beauty in everything and everyone. you don’t have to be anything but your beautiful self.


for me, creating photographs is something i can’t not do.

i need it to keep going. it gets me through motherhood, and my life, and everything, really. i am not afraid of full sun portraits or low-lit ceremonies. i am afraid of heights. and spiders.



to me, there is no greater honor than being entrusted to witness and preserve some of the most defining moments in people’s lives. i approach every wedding as though it were my own.

my biggest regret with my wedding was selecting a photographer who treated my wedding as just another wedding. i don’t want to be just another vendor at your wedding, because your wedding isn’t just another wedding to me.



m+d-alyssasorenson-126 (1).jpg

when searching for a photographer I fell in love with alyssa’s unique documentary style. she is able to capture honest moments in creative ways, bringing out the beauty of seemingly little things.

- mallory + dom


through her lens, the ordinary (and even sometimes stressful) moments of your wedding day become beautiful. as for alyssa herself, she was a dream to work with.

- madeleine + drew


she managed to capture our day in the most complete and magical way that is beyond what I could have hoped for. the only regret I have is that she wasn't also able to be our guest.

- mandy + matt


she finds unique perspectives to tell stories that would otherwise be unheard, and capture the tear or smile that sums up a lifetime of loving someone. yes, she's that good.

- katie + casey


i cry during toasts, i button up dresses and pin boutonnieres, i will force you to hug me when its all over, and i will genuinely mourn our goodbye. because i cant help but fall for the people i work with.

you can trust me with your story. i gotchu.