c’est moi

(i don’t speak french).


about me:

i picked up my first camera in middle school, shot my first wedding in 2009, and have been slowly building my business ever since. my main love is wedding photography. i love being there to witness all the emotions and moments and details of a wedding day. i make sure to capture the standard things: family portraits, the first kiss, the cake cutting, the table displays. but my heart is drawn to more than that. its the small, overlooked, in-between moments that really make the memories of your wedding day come flooding back. i want to remember how something felt as much as i want to remember how it looked. i’m a sucker for a good story and i want to tell that story as authentically as possible.

every wedding is unique and every couple is different. with a camera in hand, i am able to witness and preserve important moments for my clients, photos that will be treasured for years to come. i love what i do. and if my work speaks to you, i’d love to hear from you.

on a personal note, i have three sons who melt me and a husband who adores me. i am based in utah and have lived here all my life. i enjoy watching sports, reading up on psychology, and speaking up about issues i care about. thank you for being here!