this story is the essence of a "mini birth story" (is that even a thing?). my sweet sister chelsey was induced on the morning of december 26th, 2015. she wanted me there (with my camera, of course) as well as our older sister and our mom. she had been waiting around at the hospital for baby to come, and she was coming slowly. the last update i got was that she was dilated to a 2. apparently her nurses waited a long time to check her again (or weren't really paying attention, i'm not sure which) but out of the blue i get a call from her husband that she was at a NINE. mind you, i usually head to the hospital at the 5-6cm mark. so of course i grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. unfortunately i am about 25 minutes from her hospital and baby was born about 15-20 minutes after i got the call. my mom and sister missed it, too. emotions were HIGH given the circumstances, and i felt so bad that we weren't there for her. so, my documentation started a few minutes after baby was born, right as she was being handed to her momma for the first time.