this is one of those sessions that i get teary looking at. this mama had two baby boys within 2 years of each other, and then couldn't get pregnant for another 7 years. her second son will turn 8 this april. she and her husband went through numerous tests and doctors couldn't figure out why they suddenly couldn't get pregnant. they felt strongly that they would have another baby, a daughter, but she wasn't coming. they considered IVF but it never felt right. they were beginning to accept the fact that their family may just be complete. and then, out of the blue, a miracle happened. they found out they were expecting. their daughter was born and their family is now complete. i cry just thinking about it. i cry seeing the way they look at the newest member of their family. i just couldn't be happier for them and am so glad i could document some of these precious moments for them.

the birth of a baby is always a hectic time. the days fly by, the babies grow up way too fast. i wanted to document for them a little slice of what life was like that first week of their baby's life. the way the leaves were just beginning to fall outside, the decidedly "boy" shoes blocking the front door, the older two passing the time by climbing on (and jumping off) everything, and all the sweet characteristics that make newborns so incredibly delicious.