fresh 48's are sessions done (usually at the hospital) within the first 48 hours after a baby's birth. sometimes i do these along with the birth story- though they're a great option for those wanting photos at the hospital but not a full birth story. this mama had her birth story done by whitney of grey giraffe photography (highly recommend, btw). i couldn't do the birth story because, well, i was a little preoccupied... giving birth.

YES this is the fresh 48 session for my own (third) son. so i am in these photos. my husband and sons are in these photos. my nieces and nephews and assorted family members are in these photos. most of the ones i am in i either set up a timer or handed the camera to someone and gave instructions. the rest i took. and then edited and curated (obvs). but who am i kidding, no one is still reading this! you have all scrolled past my blabbing to see the PICS. i get it. don't blame ya. isn't he the sweetest?