I was so excited to photograph Alex's birth. Due to some health concerns (I reeaaally don't understand all the medical jargon), despite Julie's birth plan, she needed to be induced. This being her third baby, I didn't want to get there too late. I knew I would probably need to go in sometime during the night, and we ended up deciding to have me come at 9pm. It ended up being the perfect time, as her labor went very fast and little baby Alex was born at roughly 10:30pm.  I had just enough time to soak it all in before baby came. I had done newborn hospital photos before but never an entire birth story, and this was my first time witnessing someone besides myself give birth. It was beautiful and I definitely cried when Julie snuggled her little baby girl for the first time. I was so honored to have been a part of this very special and important event for such an awesome family. I have really come to love those Lundgreens.