i really enjoy photographing weddings, and usually do so as the sole photographer hired for the event. so i cover the candid shots, the formal portraits, and everything in between. for this wedding i was hired to only produce documentary shots for the couple. i didn't have to worry about any posing or group shots, or even borrowing the bride's shoes to set up a detail shot. i tried to remain completely invisible and only photograph things as they were.

travis and brenda gave me complete creative freedom to do whatever i wanted. it was the best job i could have been asked to do. being highly successful photographers themselves, they had a few photographers running around their wedding focusing on different things (from medium format film photography to large format film portraits, to video) so i'm pretty sure it was one of the best documented weddings on record. it was an honor to be a part of it and i think the images perfectly reflect what i saw and felt on that day. i hope you can see it and feel it, too.